Winsor & Newton Cotman Water Colour Paint Sketchers’ Pocket Box, Half Pans, 13 count (12 colors and a brush)

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About this item Winsor & Newton Cotman Water Colours are a range of water colours that are made to our high quality standards but costs are kept to an economical level by replacing some of the more costly pigments with less expensive alternatives Cotman Water Colours possess good transparency, excellent tinting strength and good working properties This popular pocket-sized plastic box features an integral mixing palette in the lid This water colour set contains a pocket brush and 12 Cotman Water Colour half pans: Lemon Yellow Hue, Cadmium Yellow Hue, Cadmium Red Pale Hue, Alizarin Crimson Hue, Ultramarine, Intense Blue (Phthalo Blue), Viridian Hue, Sap Green, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Chinese White 12 colors (plus 1 brush and tray)

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10 reviews for Winsor & Newton Cotman Water Colour Paint Sketchers’ Pocket Box, Half Pans, 13 count (12 colors and a brush)

  1. Kristen LowerKristen Lower

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     This product is sturdy. The colors seem well thought out with warm and cool colors provided, although I think I may swap out the Chinese white for Quinacridone Rose. I did add two extra half pans in the space provided for the included yellow sponge. I left them in for the purpose of demonstration in this video. I was having a difficult time removing and unwrapping the new pans before I realized that the middle retainer is hinged, and lifts for easy removal of the pans from either side. You have to slide the middle pans out of this retainer due to ridges which prevent them from falling out during travel. Overall I would say these pans are quite safe from vertical movement (however see later comments about the pigment blocks).The two fold out mixing areas stay fairly flat. Ridges on the hinges provide a steady surface although I can push one mixing area down past 90° (pictured).The water cup attaches in a nifty dovetail fashion seemingly borrowed from carpentry. It also seems pretty sturdy.The included brush seems pretty small and doesn’t hold much water, it does have nice “snap”, and the brush fits together securely with no wiggle. Due to its small size I prefer to use my larger travel brushes purchased separately. I haven’t had any issues with the cap to my canteen yet. The mixing well on the canteen is a helpful and useful addition!The retainer in the pan area does prevent most vertical movement of the pans, there is still some horizontal wiggle room so the pans do rattle if not secured with putty or glue. The pigment blocks within the half pans have fallen out a few times (to remedy this I just wet the bottom of a misplaced block and place it back in the pan to “seal” it in place).The case folds together nicely, although it would be a tad more satisfying if the main compartment snapped closed, but it would be unnecessary. The water cup does snap onto the compartment securing the entire kit.Overall I am very happy with this product and am the most impressed by hinged pan retainer and canteen feature. Great value for your money. I had my doubts, but I really love it!

  2. Sally TSally T

    I am another quarantine-born artist, although my interest started a little bit prior to lockdown. In the 9 months I’ve been painting, I have learned the following:1. The quality of your materials matters ALOT.2. If you continue to use inferior products you will get frustrated.3. There are an amazing number of very talented people on YouTube willing to teach you how to paint.4. There is no such thing as being born as an artist. It is 100% a LEARNABLE SKILL!5. Watercolor painting is SO much Fun!As to product quality, here is what you need:1. Decent paints. This Windsor and Newton Cotman paint is great to get started with. Buy whichever set fits your budget best. I got the 24 and it’s more than enough. Play with them to learn how to combine colors.2. Decent paper. Canson XL is great as an every day practice paper, and it is easily available here and on sale at craft stores. Once you’ve practiced for a while, find a 100% cotton 140 lb watercolor paper to try out and use on special projects.3. Good brushes are also essential, and you don’t need that many. The Cotman brush that comes with the set isn’t very good. I only use it as a way to pry up the plastic tray. So invest in a couple of $5-$10 brushes. Educate yourself on the different types of brush hair. Quality Synthetic brushes are great and affordable. My favorite are Princeton Aqua Elite (synthetic kolinsky sable) for detail work, and Princeton Neptune (synthetic squirrel) for looser paintings. A Round 6, a Round 2, and possibly a wash brush is all you need. Never store your brushes in water, and be sure to always rinse them well.Now, for a review of these paints. As I said, they are a great beginner paint. Do yourself a favor and make a color chart. See what it’s like to mix Intense Phthalo Blue and Alizarin Crimson Hue (a gorgeous deep purple). Viridian Hue a little too bright green? Add a little Burnt Umber to tone it down. Honestly, buying more than the 24 colors might be a little overwhelming. Half the fun is learning color mixing and how to get that exact shade of aqua you want.When you first use the plastic palettes you may get frustrated with how the paint beads up. Just try scuffing them up with a bit of magic eraser or a scouring brush. Pre-wet the paints to activate them, and use the side of your brush to pick up the paint and bring it to your mixing area. And just have fun with it!

  3. Karen SquiresKaren Squires

    Better deal than the 24 half pan set. You get all 40 colors available in the line, plus 5 duplicate pans of 5 popular colors.I took a photo of the paints next to their wrappers. If the paint box gets bumped, the paints fall out of their pans and it’s hard to know which box to put them in. You’ll want to know this because the box has the color name and number which you’ll need when the paint runs out so you can reorder.I used only a tiny bit of paint to paint the “Fourth of July” painting included with this review. The paper is 18″x12″ so the paint goes a long way!

  4. Cathryn MilesCathryn Miles

    I had been limping along with some pretty cheapo creepo watercolors for YEARS, and I could never figure out why I couldn’t get my paintings to look right, the colors always looked dull and grey-ish, they would leave bits and blobs behind, and they never blended right. I thought it was me, and was so discouraged, I QUIT watercolors for YEARS. On a whim, I decided to give it one more shot and busted out my old paints, and discovered they were dried up and useless. I had to get a new set. My husband commented that they were “never good paints anyway”, and encouraged me to get a different brand this time. I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up the only Watercolor set still on the shelf, and it was on sale to boot…it was Windsor and Newtons sketchers pocket set. I got home, started painting, and WOW! Talk about some quality paint! The colors were so vibrant, they blended beautifully, and they didn’t leave any blobs behind! I ended up needing more than the 12 colors from that set, and purchased this one! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these paints to pieces! W&N definitely has a new customer for life!

  5. MacMac

    These are great paints!I wanted to upgrade my watercolor supplies (in past used crayola then artist loft – both of which are great for beginners and very inexpensive…but have some limitations and I was finding it difficult to get the pigments & transparency I wanted). Read many reviews and watched YouTube and decided upon Winsor & Newton Cotman set. Glad I got these. I’m having so much fun painting now – it is so much easier to mix colors and get the transparency I desire. Colors mix with water easily and glide across paper. I guess my next investment will be in paper (I’m still using the cheapest watercolor paper I can find). I’ve included a picture of the watercolor set (I haven’t had it very long but I’ve used it a LOT). One negative about the set is the brush. It came with some bent bristles (you can see this in picture). I’ve tried to reshape it but have been unsuccessful so far. I’ve got my own brushes (a set of Royal & Langnickel synthetic sable from Michaels) that I’ve been using. Paints themselves are outstanding. Would be nice to have black and some skin tones…but I’ve found I can mix all of these when needed (I’ve included a color chart that I made). The case is great too. Feels sturdy and reusable. Should be able to refill easily in future. Expect this set to last a long time.

  6. T. ReedT. Reed

    I bought these as an upgrade to my student grade reeves brand watercolors. I haven’t done much with them yet, but I am excited to start playing with them. One of the pictures are all of the colors swatched out, which I plan to laminate and keep in my box. Another picture is The box compared to a standard gift card. As you can see the box is just a tad bigger than the gift card – it truly is pocket sized!The brush is nothing to get excited over. It is just a small round or liner-type brush. I probably won’t use it, as it gives me hand cramps since the handle is so tiny.I would like to address several complaints I have seen.First, with the watercolor cakes coming out of the pans. I simply took the cake out of the pan, put a big drop of water underneath, and stuck the paint cake back in. After a bit the water makes the paint a bit gummy, so I simply gave it a firm press, and I haven’t had a problem since.Another complaint is that the paint pans don’t stay in the case. Well, that is true, but again I have a simple fix. I took the plastic pans of paint out of the box, and added just a dab of hot glue, then gave them a firm press back into the palette. This worked well. I tried prying them out, and they stick. When they are gone, you can simply take a pair of pliers and pull out the empty pan and replace. On my other set I used a piece of double sided tape that I cut in half length wise, then stuck the pans back in. I think I like it better then the hot glue. The tape holds well, but the pans can be pulled out just simply using the end of a brush to pry it out. Sticky tack/blue tack/museum putty works well too.Because these pans are sold as open stock, meaning you can replace one color at a time, I would not suggest getting too carried away with super glueing the pans into the palette.

  7. K. RafalskiK. Rafalski

    I just took up water color painting two months ago. I’ve been painting 3-5 days a week for 2 months. This was my first set of colors and I’m so happy I chose these!The good- the box is sturdy and well thought out, the mixing area is done well- the colors chosen for a beginner are perfect – it is possible to mix a larger range and variety of colors than I imagined (because I am a beginner and didn’t know that much about mixing colors)- the paint in the pan are quite concentrated and last a long time- the paints are a really good quality – especially for the price, water colors can be very very expensive!The room for improvement- the box lid can be used for mixing but is difficult/impossible to remove, making it harder to clean- the brush that was included was poor (a number of the bristles fell out on first use) – it’s ok I wasn’t counting on using that brush as a main brushThe stuff I wish I knew/Wish they included some information in the box, that I learned from tutorials/googling stuff as a beginner:- make a color chart (like the one I included as a picture) of each color and where it is located. The pans are very dark and it’s hard to know which color is which/remember which pan is which once they are unwrapped and put in place- I had no idea how to use Chinese White. I experimented with it and really wasn’t sure/getting any results that were useful. Upon googling I even found it on the WN techniques page, not sure if external links are allowed, but it’s meant to be used as a highlight after the other paint has dried (that makes so much sense now, sigh… learning can be hard)- You can mix gray/black on your own. I was confused why there was no gray/black included. And I am fine with it, I really like the color choices included and understand that just 12 colors has to be expertly selected (and it is!) but as someone who knew nothing, I really wish it didn’t take me as long to figure out as it did.- There are two yellows, two reds, two blues, and two greens because each has a cool version and a warm version. If you mix a cool with another cool you’ll get a more vibrant color. If you mix a cool with a warm it’ll be a bit muted/muddy. It took me hours of tutorials to find this piece of information and learn it! So helpful!- I was advised that spraying the pans with a little bit of water from a spray bottle before using would make it easier to activate/work with the paints and I found this to be very true and helpful. I’m not sure if there is any harm or problem doing this, but I find it easier to work with the paints this way

  8. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    The colors are wonderful with great vibrancy, quality, and range. the case is extremely compact (which i love) and the little brush it comes with works well for small detail. I’ve noticed a lot of complaints abut the brush being too small, but it feels fine to me, and the cap can be placed on the end to make a longer handle.Some quick colors tips:Burnt Umber + Cobalt Blue = cool blackBurnt Umber + Ultramarine = greenish/off-blackCobalt Blue + Burnt Sienna = warm greyCad Red + Ultramarine = neutral greyA. Crimson + Viridian = cool grey

  9. JoannaJoanna

    Used this in a watercolor course at my college and was very impressed. Quality really is so important. Knowing how to dull color is super important. The paper also really matters. Wrinkely paper is no fun. Im using arches cold press block. The edges are sealed until you cut them appart with an exacto knife.

  10. Donna BrashierDonna Brashier

    My favorite watercolor set. It travels with me everywhere!After two years, it’s still my favorite! Easy to add or replace pans. I’ve purchased several other travel sets including French and Japanese imports. Still love my Windsor Newton’s! My paintings have improved over time, too …

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