Paul Rubens Professional Watercolor Paint Set Artist Grade, 24 Vivid Colors with Portable Metal Box for Artists, Beginners, Hobbyists, Students Arts, Crafts & Sewing

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🎨 Advantages of this 24-piece watercolor paint set: ultra-pure pigments that won’t easily become muddy when mixed; high transparency; strong tinting; excellent lightfastness ratings. These top-quality paints will make your artwork stay vivid for a very long time. 🎨 We use extra-fine gum arabic to create these professional-grade watercolors, which produce paints that are easy to mix, lightfast, and permanent. We also offer a selection of truly unique colors. 🎨 Professional Extra Fine gum arabic based watercolors with unsurpassed purity and permanence, every batch made is tested and analyzed, bright colors, good transparency, high saturation, smooth drawing. 🎨 Each watercolor pan can be removed or replaced individually, so you can arrange your colors to your own preference. Our lightweight, pink tin is as beautiful as it is functional, and very convenient to carry on the go. 🎨 This set contains a mixing palette inside the lid, which can easily be washed. It is the best friend of travelers, artists, and amateur hobbyists.
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10 reviews for Paul Rubens Professional Watercolor Paint Set Artist Grade, 24 Vivid Colors with Portable Metal Box for Artists, Beginners, Hobbyists, Students Arts, Crafts & Sewing

  1. Renee Stearns

    I use all kinds of professional grade paints; Daniel Smith, M. Graham, Schmincke, Sennelier. I bought these to try for a set to carry around and use for quick sketching. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and color. I think these are fantastic value! Nice mix of transparent, semi-opaque, and a few opaque colors. There are a few nice granulating colors as well. These paints are intense in color when dry, blend well, and are unscented. They were packaged in a beautifully made box and the tin they came in was pink and very high quality and well made. I’ve seen light blue and navy offered in other places as well. Maybe that comes later as an alternative offering on Amazon. I highly recommend this set, especially for beginners. It’s great to use nice paints and not have to treat them too preciously because they cost so much. Grab these while you can! The only downside is that all product in formation is in Chinese. There is also no pigment information. As long as those are not issues for you, just have fun painting and creating beautiful art!Note: I also purchased the metallic set. It is just as high quality. Some of the best metallic/pearl pan watercolors. They are absolutely gorgeous for crafters. Intense, creamy, beautiful. Excellent mixed with other watercolors to make new shades as well. They are much creamier than Finetec paints or even Daniel Smith. They make a nice addition to those paints, adding new colors and tones. I recommend those as well!

  2. Sleepless in Seattle

    I would say this product has reached to a same or similar level of European brands, with less than half of the price. The earthy colors are bit weak, but all the other colors are bright and vibrant. Seacolor is so gorgeous! When you buy some pricy paints or watercolors, you sometime will not use those paints so freely. But this pallet will not bring such worries. It will be a good choice for plain air artist too.

  3. Amazon Customer

    I’ve been using these watercolors for a couple of months now, and I am very impressed. They activate very quickly and have so much pigment in a single brush stroke. They aren’t chalky at all and apply very smoothly. They also are great for mixing your own colors. (I also believe that they are hand poured into the pans, but I’m not sure.)The only downside I did have is that a couple of the browns/earth tone equivalent colors were not as pigmented as the other colors in the palette, but they are still great for color mixing and can always layer the coats of paint for more pigment.Overall very fun to use and perhaps one step above student grade watercolors. I would recommend the buy to anyone looking to upgrade from a set of student watercolors or cheap watercolors or just want a nice set of watercolors in a pretty looking tin. 10/10 for sure.

  4. SarahSarah

    (reviewing both the metallic and regular paints in one review)So, I’m SUPER not a good painter (absolute beginner so excuse my trash example photos) but I really like these paints. The pigment is wonderful, I think they blend well, and I find a little goes a long way. My skills however, need much improvement.In the regular paints, the brown tones are weaker in pigmentation for sure, but I still like them. I don’t find any of the shades chalky and they mix well. In a beginners opinion of course.The metallics I don’t use much, mostly just for adding some sort of highlight or fun effect onto another painting. They’re very pretty paints.

  5. LotusM

    I just got this kit, in part cause I wanted to test gauche out. That may have been my mistake, cause I can’t tell it’s any different than a normal watercolor, but that’s on me, not the company.So let me start; it arrived weeks early, in a gorgeous wrapping and packaging. The set came in a nice UPS style box, no biggie. Inside was a cute pink box, with the PR logo and all the info about the product. Inside that was a few papers; the first being a switch list of ALL their colors, not just the ones in the set but everyone they offer, and a second was a nice cold-press watercolor paper sheet that’s the perfect size to sit inside the kit. This sheet had the name, and color code for all 12 colors in the set, as well as room for you to swatch them your self. Unfortunately, the info was in Chinese but the color numbers are in Roman numbers and matched the numbers on the watercolor cake wrappers. I also wrote in the actual name on the card. Now, the actual tin was wrapped in a surprise towel piece, maybe I’m easy to please but I thought that was really nice of them and all. It’s just a normal one, and I use it to wipe/dry my brushes and to soak up excess water/paint from my papers.Next, when I tested the colors; oh my gosh! For being such a cheap set, they are awesome! They were slightly chalky, but it was easy to work with and the colors were gorgeous. All of them very vibrant, and you can get some really faint colors as well as some really saturated ones. They also are very easy to make monochrome gradients and dual-chrome gradients with; not to mention blending to make some other gorgeous colors is easy too. I’m not sure if they’re gauche or not, as I’ve never used others before, but they are quality paints! Also, the inside of the tin carry case has multiple spots to mix paints and lots of pallet space. I also really loved that the metal container thing the paints attached to cane out and had more paint mixing areas under. That’s way nicer then the Windsor Newton ones since you have more play space and you don’t need to worry about dropping the cakes if you set them on a table next to you or whatever. I also loved the metal cake spot because the cakes locked into it, they’re easy to get out but they won’t fall or pop out from being hit on anything or dropped. Another advantage they have over my Windsor Newton set. The WN ones are just laying in it so they don’t lock down and will easily fall out, making a mess or easy to lose a cake. Also, the WN cakes come out of the white plastic cake molds so it’s easy to mix up the cake from the color that the side is labeled as. This set bypasses all of that by having a simple locking mechanism to keep the set safe and contained easily.All in all, I am SO glad I bought this set, it’s amazing and of a reasonable price. I would venture to say that it’s more worth buying then Windsor Newton just because it’s so nicely built and the paints are so nice. Especially since the amount of money you save when buying a WN 12 half cake travel set versus this one is enough to buy a nice but cheap set of paintbrushes too. The money I saved with this set, I spent buying Watercolor-paper sketchbooks. I was able to buy THREE 140lbs (100 sheets each) sketchbooks.So worth the money! Will buy again!Edit: Since then I have used proper gouaches and these definitely aren’t gouache but a slightly more opaque watercolor. They’re very saturated and it’s easy to get striking colors with, but still transparent and water-soluble enough to treat like watercolors. It’s been nearly a year since I bought this set, and I actually ended up buying another set in the larger palette size because I love them so much. I have my eye on their new shimmery sets, so I might have to get one of them too, lol. I highly recommend this product and honestly you can’t go wrong with it. It’s obvious they aren’t professional grade, but they’re quality enough and comfortable to use. I don’t feel like I’m using children’s paint, but I also don’t feel like I wasted money on a hobby. I only wish you could buy individual colors as a few of my pans are getting pretty low.

  6. Mia N.Mia N.

    If you have advanced past kid supplies, discount Michael’s brands, or learning/student palettes, this is all you will ever need as an amateur artist or serious hobbyist. These are half the price of Windsor Newton, a third of Schmincke Horadam, and still runs about $20 cheaper than 10 tubes of Daniel Smith. Don’t be swayed by bigger discount sets with a huge range of colors, including metallics. These 24 colors are all you need and have the usual spread of warm and cool tone versions of each color. The mixes are subtle, while the paint themselves are vibrant while still having all the top tier qualities for pigment density non-staining, lightfastness, and transparency.The packaging is the best around. It comes in a heavy box, paints are in a metal tin that allows for mixing pans on both sides, each pan is full and individually wrapped, and it includes a microfiber cloth. I received this as a Christmas gift (the set had dropped to $38 on Black Friday) and it really felt like something special when I revealed it. After adjusting to the paint density and new water control, I’ve been absolutely blissed out by the quality. I’d say these are a good step above Arteza paints, which are still very strong middle quality paints, and I infinitely prefer these to similar Japanese produced paints, like Kuratake (the pans of which are never filled fully). It absolutely blew away my first practice set, the 40 pan Komorebi (also not filled all the way even if I did like the metallics).This paint makes a world of difference and takes my work to that next level for eye catching vibrancy and quality. It’s a pleasure to work with on the brush and with water. ABSOLUTELY recommend, hands down, as the best available on Amazon and comparable to professional grade paints for a fraction of the price.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Words cannot describe how beautiful, pigmented and shimmery these watercolors are, and the ease of use they allow the artist. I plan on sticking to this set, as nothing else compares for me. Just magical!

  8. Kimberly Crick ArtKimberly Crick Art

    High pigment load, easy to activate with a wet brush, react as expected with salt and disperse normally in water. For as cheap as this set was, compared to my other professional grade watercolors like Schmincke Horadam, Winsor and Newton Professional, Sennelier, Rembrandt etc, I am astoundingly impressed. I am actually sad I bought all those expensive sets! A whopping 20 of the 24 colors are single pigment colors (not mixtures, that can be prone to muddying when further mixing colors). All of which were labeled with both color names and the pigment ingredients, and they used nice quality lightfast ones.This is an ideal set for those who paint small or infrequently, as half pans are fairly small. It’s a great set for professional artists also just starting out or needing a travel palette, who later plan to refill the empty pans with more economical tubes from companies such as Daniel Smith or Mission Gold. Most of these pigments can be found in all professional artist quality paint brands.There are unique colors in this set not typically found in 24 color selections, such as the granulating cobalt and cerulean blues. The worst part about the color selection is it is missing a bright primary magenta. You can still mix a great deal of colors from this set, as there are several shades of blue red and yellows, however it will be hard to get those vibrant floral pinks. However, unlike almost every other set I have, they did not include a useless white watercolor that many companies throw in because it is cheap. White watercolor is so transparent that it does not work well for mixing, if you wanted a lighter shade you add more water, if you want opaque pastel you would use white gouache instead – so I’m really glad they didn’t include white.As of May 2018 this item also appears to be the same as the blue box version for 5 dollars less (about 40 dollars vs 45 called MEEDEN 24 Colors Artist Professional Watercolor) and the images both show the Paul Rubens name (based on the old artist Peter Paul Rubens, not the actor pee-wee herman).

  9. C.M. & T.M.

    I put off buying these for months and months because I have all the Finetecs, a bunch of Twinkling H2Os and I have the full set of Rivenvale metallics (what I consider, and still consider, the BEST metallic watercolor on the market- hands down) so the Rubens just seemed like more of a “another metallic watercolor, must have for my collection but don’t really need” purchase.But the Finetecs/Rivenvale don’t have pastel/bright colors, and the Twinkling H2Os are really too difficult to use often (ridiculous jars they come in, plus they are very difficult to rewet and paint large areas with- tired of sacrificing storage space and brushes and time to those paints) so I decided to get these to just have those kind of tropical/bright colors and have a set that is more suited for white paper. The Finetecs have great earthy colors, but their main downfall is that they don’t show well on white paper.I wasn’t expecting much from the Rubens but I was *very* surprised at the quality. Very, very surprised. They do need a drop of water to activate, but once they are wet and you move your brush in the pan, the paint immediately comes to life. The paints are creamy, full bodies, and rich in both pigment *and* shimmer. They are true metallics- not just watercolor paint based with a tiny bit of shimmer that barely shows up.The colors are saturated on white paper and can be made either opaque or transparent based on water usage. While they are not as opaque out of the pan as the Finetecs and the Rivenvales, if you work the paint a little with a brush (not enough to damage the brush, though- they are a nice consistency, unlike the Twinkling H2Os) you can get a gouache-like consistency. And the shimmer/sparkle is beautiful and bright.The Rubens don’t do as well on dark papers, which is kind of a bummer, but considering I got these so I could do more metallic work on white watercolor paper they work perfectly.The Rubens are a little more “straightforward” of a metallic, like most of the Finetecs, in that the micas in each paint match the pigment- the Twinkling H2Os do this thing where they mix different pigments/dyes with different micas and shimmers so that the paints come in a totally unique range of colors/effects but the Rubens are much easier to use and they can be mixed, unlike the Twinkling (because of the color combos in the dye/pigment of each Twinkling jar, a lot of times you’ll mix two colors and get mud even if the colors, in theory, should be fine together).I think I’m going to finally clear out the Twinklings and have the Rubens be my go to metallic-on-white palette. I like them so much that if Rubens introduced a different set of shimmer colors or another set of speciality colors (the Rubens do have a range of candy color pastel watercolors and color shifting watercolors available overseas, so I DO hope they put those in pan form and introduce them to the US market very soon) I wouldn’t hesitate to order them without reading a single review or seeing a video about them- the quality is there.HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

  10. A. MageeA. Magee

    When I received these paints, I had a few minor issues. I contacted the seller, and they were very generous in how they handled the situation. Very responsive.These paints are packaged so professionally. From the box they come in to the wrapping of the paints themselves. Everything is very nicely done. The paints are very creamy and rewet very well. I’ve had other metallic paints before but these beat any of them hands down. So sparky, so shimmery.Because of the way they are packaged and the sparkle effect, these would make an amazing gift for any artist who loves rainbow colors and sparkle, especially young girls getting into or interested in art.My only suggestion to to consider a different color tin option. Not every female (or male) enjoys pink, so to have a different tin color option would meet the needs of those people.These paints are so fun to use, and honestly the color is just really amazing! If you want to see them in action, go on YouTube and type in “Paul Rubens Watercolor” and you will find some fantastic reviews of these paints in action.

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