MeiLiang Watercolor Paint Set, 36 Vivid Colors in Pocket Box with Metal Ring and Watercolor Brush, Perfect for Students, Kids, Beginners and More

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🎨 Adopted High Quality Arabic Gum: The arabic gum can increase the gloss and transparency of watercolors. It will also heighten the intensity of the colors and make the paint more soluble 🎨 High-pigmented: The set has great color selection, high pigment quality, mixes well. And there’s no chalky or grainy feel to them after they are dry. 🎨 Well-designed Package: Comes with sturdy metal case with easy to open/close lid, and the flip cover can be used as palette; brush included; the metal ring under the case makes it easy to hold the paint set when you are creating. 🎨 Safe and Fun: non-toxic and easy to apply, Meiliang(Pretty excellent) the perfect gift for your family, friends, and anyone who loves painting. 🎨 Satisfaction Guaranteed: We prides ourselves on the high quality of our products, and customer satisfaction is very important to us, so contact us if you have any issues or are unhappy with the product and we will guarantee a resolution

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10 reviews for MeiLiang Watercolor Paint Set, 36 Vivid Colors in Pocket Box with Metal Ring and Watercolor Brush, Perfect for Students, Kids, Beginners and More

  1. NnonaNnona

    This is an excellent student grade/hobbyist/travel watercolor set. The paints are not chalky, the rewet wonderfully, the paints mix well and are fluid. This watercolor set surpasses the Winsor and newton cottman and Lukas Studio student grade watercolor sets. This set can hold its own against the Van Gogh watercolor set. According to the lighfast information on the package, 17 of the 36 colors are moderately durable and 19 were absolutely permanent. Unless, you are going the paints to sell your work the lighfastness of the paints are not an issue. Unfortunately, there is no pigment information written in English. For those watercolorist who mixes pastels colors or does tonal studies, the set does come with a white and black. I love the tin. It is cute and the color is a welcome change from black. I do not like water brushes, but the one that comes with the set seems decent. The set also comes with really nice cotton paper to swatch out the colors. The only downside to the set is that the palette tray is made of a flimsy plastic. That being said the pans can be moved into sturdier individual pans.

  2. pxlchk1pxlchk1

    I have several watercolor palettes of varying grades. Everything from Koi “chalky-meh” level to the ever-lovely Schmincke fine artist level. BUT if I were forced to grab one palette to live with forever, I’d grab this one. The amazing range of convenience colors make this palette a joy to work with. The colors are beautiful and rich while keeping their transparency. They blend & layer well and don’t dry with a chalky finish. I’ve included a landscape piece done entirely with these watercolors so you can see the blended colors for yourself.WHAT IS THIS WITCHCRAFT? Why are these inexpensive watercolors so awesome??? How are they doing this for this price?Just get them. Even if you’re a paint snob you’ll love them. I’ve given sets to people who express a desire to learn watercolor painting, but then buy a set again for myself. I’ll always keep one in my collection.

  3. Lindsay WeirichLindsay Weirich

    I have been using these paints for a few weeks and honestly I was looking for something to be wrong with them but they performed well painting after painting. The colors mixed well with no mud or chalkiness whatsoever. (I actually have an in depth review of them on my YouTube channel thefrugalcrafter if you want more info.) These Would make a lovely travel set or gift for any budding watercolorist. The lightfast ratings on the box were good with 19 colors rating “Absolutely permanent” and the remaining colors “Moderately permanent”. The kit comes with a swatch card on watercolor paper and a decent waterbrush. You can’t go wrong with this set, I paid $20, well worth the money.

  4. K.S.K.S.

    I love watercolor and find this set to be an extremely good value for the price! There are 36 colors in a sturdy tin with 4 mixing areas, and a water brush is included (not pictured here). The swatch card (included in the set for you to use) that I used to swatch the colors shows how brilliant they are. I am very pleased with this set and would recommend it to anyone for a great range of wonderful color!

  5. Amazon Customer

    Super creamy highly pigmented colors. The quality is definitely better than student grade they are very comparable to Mission Gold. Worth more than the asking price.

  6. PiggyMomPiggyMom

    I bought this set a few month ago for its low price and great reviews. I didn’t know much about watercolor then and I just thought they looked quite nice after swashing the colors out. During these few months I have been buying watercolor nonstop, from the top professional lines to budget travel sets, almost like a de-stress therapy. Then one day I decided to swash them all again in the same style on the same paper because I’ve learned a bit more about pigments, transparency, light fastness and water control. It was until then I realized how amazing this set was, for its vibrancy, purity, transparency, easiness to rewet and mix. I agree completely with other reviewers that this set surpasses WN Cotman without a doubt. It may not be as heavily pigmented as White Nights or Mijello Mission Gold. But it feels very similar to artist grade watercolor like DS and WN professional. It does not come with pigment or light fastness info if I remember correctly. This may be where it is not as good as those top brands. But to beginners like me, after testing more than 50 sets of watercolor, I cannot find another one I would recommend more than this one. Give it a try!

  7. Smita Bose

    I had bought these watercolors close to the Christmas shopping season in November 2018. Unfortunately I had to wait 45 days for this product. This was unusual. And to add to that, the product came damaged. The lid wouldn’t close and the tin was dented. This is how my experience began.Now allow me to tell you how the folks at Lithwish completely turned it around. As you can see, despite being excited to buy the product, I faced many roadblocks. I reached out to the team. They kept in constant touch to understand what was happening on the ground. I didn’t want to leave a negative review as my case seemed to be an exception. Also, I understand sometimes things do go wrong. It is how we manage them that counts. Eventually, since the problem wasn’t resolved, the team sent me a new set at no cost. I was refunded $10 from my initial purchase for the inconvenience as well.Now for the colors. Second time around, my box wasn’t dented and closed shut to carry for painting on the go. The colors are super rich, easy to rewet and very pigmented. They mix easily with each other and form great colors. The brush that comes with the set is decent. Caution: You have to unscrew in the opposite direction than usual to open and close it.Areas of improvement:1. The colors come in a plastic tray with wells. While I understand the wide range of colors I’m getting in this set, at this price point, I have faced some issues in taking out the tray and the colors falling off. Both hands are needed for stability.2. The color Payne’s Grey is less grey and more like a shade of indigo. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love indigo. But it seemed odd that Payne’s Grey was the last color in the line of blues before the greens began. However, after swatching, I understand their choice to do this. One can easily make greys with the other colors given. Just thought it best to share this point.Overall, these colors are awesome. I’ve painted on journal pages and watercolor paper. The colors remain rich and vibrant. No chalkiness on journal pages. When applied too heavily, they have a glossy sheen to them. They mix easily with my Cotmans and prima watercolors as well.Kudos to the customer service team. They completely changed my experience with this product.

  8. green leafgreen leaf

    My regular practice watercolors are Cotman pans, I use them for practice, studies and on the go painting, and the palettes are really hard to beat for portability, mixing areas , the transparency of colors which is important when you begin learning watercolors and affordability when you need new pans. I wanted something larger but no too large to be able to take a couple of larger brushes , and also needed to buy extra color half pans. I found this set, read about them and for the price of just a new metal palette similar in size (like other reviewers have posted) + $6 I decided to take a chance. And I am very happy I did. This set is truly transparent except for a couple of colors, zero chalkiness, they re wet easily and won’t rub off the paper after dry. The tin itself is well made, it has a ring at the bottom. The brush is not of use for me because it is very soft and has no much body to it.This set is perfect for practice, I wouldn’t use them for final works because there is no light fastness rating compared to my Cotmans for example, but if you use them in your covered sketchbook they should be fine. At first it might seem like there are many similar colors but you’ll get surprised once you start mixing. Also having 34 colors the set will last you for a while, considering you can’t buy half pans separately. Many of the colors actually granulate very nice which is a nice surprise.This set is way better than other cutesy brands, I was gifted a set of Koi and gave them away because they were so chalky and good only for coloring but not mixing and learn about watercolors. You can actually practice well with this set.I have attached some photos for your comparison with Cotman colors. You have every color you need if you are just beginning with this set and instead of buying more colors or more expensive paint to begin with try buying good paper to really enjoy watercolor and a good brush.


    These paints are gorgeous much better then the cottman colors i had. You can see them against the daniel smith mixing set in the above swatches i would suggest these for anyone starting watercolor or coming from a cheaper student grade paint you will not be disappointed they are not one bit chalky and dont rub off on your finger like some other sets i have with similar price they glaze beautifully as they are a bit staining but if you are one who likes to lift your highlights get your self some extra gum arabic and coat your paper with a mixture before painting or mix it in your paints and they will lift

  10. Ann

    If there’s a better deal on watercolors, I have yet to find it. These are rumored to be the same pigments as Paul Rubens but with a less expensive tin with a plastic tray instead of individual, hand-poured pans. As a result, you get a wonderful value on highly transparent, colorful paints.I did my own 3-month lightfast test and found that only four of the 36 colors shifted. That’s pretty impressive for something at this price point. These are not chalky at all, the tin is adorable with its parrot and pretty aqua color, and the included brush is useful.I’d rate this set much higher than Prang, Sakura Koi, or Winsor Newton Cotman.- If money is no object, splurge on a top-rated brand.- If you have a little extra money, go for the 36-pan set of White Nights.- If you’re on a strict budget or purchasing paints for ease of travel, stick with this Mei Liang set. You won’t regret it.

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