HIMI Gouache Paint Set, 24 Colors x 30ml Unique Jelly Cup Design with 3 Paint Brushes and a Palette in a Carrying Case Perfect for Artists, Students, Gouache Opaque Watercolor Painting (Green)

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About this item 24 LASTING VIBRANT COLORS: each color has 30 ml large content. Each paint has a fantastic thick consistency which will retain brush or spatula marks and give your work brilliant texture. HIGH-QUALITY PAINT BRUSHES: Highly durable brushes, 2 flat tip brushes and 1 round tip brush, perfect for gouache painting. From the smallest details to the largest coat applications, every stroke will come to life. Hassle-free painting for home, work, school, and travel. NEW DESIGN: Upgraded unique jelly cup design with excellent sealing lid will keep our gouache paints wet and creamy for better artist painting, portable jelly cup size perfect for outdoor painting. Upgraded carrying case has a pen tray, you can put the brushes in it. HIGH-QUALITY PIGMENT: All paints are thick and creamy do not shift or become muddy, can be diluted with plenty of water do not cracking or crumbling when the paint dries. Beautiful and practical color select with lager content, best chose for daily exercise. 100% SATISFACTION SERVICE: Made from quality pigments and designed for artists, art hobbyists, and students. Safe, non-toxic, conforms to safety certificates: U.S. ASTM D-4236 & EU EN71. 100% money-back if you’re not completely satisfied.

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10 reviews for HIMI Gouache Paint Set, 24 Colors x 30ml Unique Jelly Cup Design with 3 Paint Brushes and a Palette in a Carrying Case Perfect for Artists, Students, Gouache Opaque Watercolor Painting (Green)

  1. Amaya

    I was super excited to see my brand new palette. I knew there was a lot of hype around it and its aesthetic so when it came in today I was kind of disappointed. The lid was very dirty (indicting it had been used before and returned). I paid full price, and didn’t expect to have someone’s returned item. The palette was also dirty and the jelly cups were mismatched. I wish I received a brand new kit because that’s what I ordered and didn’t get a discount for a used product. I’m just glad all the pods and brushes were sealed honestly.EDIT***: Amazing customer service! After writing my review they reached out to me for a reimbursement and asked if I would like a new palette. I didn’t even ask and they were so kind to reach out and refund me. I know this was a one time occurrence for them, and they treat customers with respect. I would definitely buy from this store again. Thank you!

  2. BriBri

    I decided to buy this set after seeing some videos of them online. I am not an artist or anything, i just paint for fun. These are so much fun to work with, easy to use. Painting with regular paint is just boring after using these! They are opaque and very vibrant. The only negative is that they run out faster than id like. But I will definitely be buying more of these paints!

  3. MPMP

    This paint set is really unusual, but I’m beginning to really like it. I am a college educated (with a painting degree) professional artist. I have been recently getting into surface design and most of my work ends up getting scanned. I’ve taken color theory classes and this review is for those who are looking for a professional quality gouache set.I love the value presented here. This set comes out to have approximately each color for about a dollar at the time of my writing. That’s a crazy deal! I mainly have used Windsor and Newton gouache in the past, which runs about $20 a tube. Not only that, but each of these compartments has more paint than one W&N tube. So this set really ran me a tiny bit more than a single tube of paint. I’m really happy about that.Is it the same quality as Windsor and Newton? No. The mixing is not as consistent and predictable, and the pigments are weaker. But honestly, to me these are a great trade off. It’s still absolutely possible to make beautiful and vibrant paintings with this paint, it’s just important to keep in mind which colors are more opaque and which are more sheer or transparent. I went on ahead and swatched each color for this review. I have black bars on each to give you an idea how transparent or opaque each color is- whether the paint can overpower the black. I also added water to thin it down, so you can see how the colors look with more of a watercolor feel.The main colors I noted for having the worst opacity are the oranges. However if you add a little white to them, it helps a ton to thicken it up and make it more opaque. This set also builds on itself beautifully, so if I have to do a second coat on four colors, I’m okay with that. Most of the time I’ll be mixing more opaque colors in with them anyway- I expect most artists will feel similarly.This paint is thirsty!! It loves water, and I’ve been pretty impressed at how much water it can take while staying opaque. I personally would not use this paint to simulate watercolors, because a big factor with watercolors is spread, and this paint stays put. That’s perfectly fine, it’s a feature and not a bug for gouache. Expect to use a lot of water with this set! I heard someone on YouTube say that they put a spray bottle with distilled water with this set, and they spray it down before sealing it up. I think it’s a fantastic idea, but I haven’t done this yet and just sealing this set with the palette included gets a tight enough seal that it hasn’t dried out once. I’m pretty impressed and have never encountered a paint set that reacts this way. I would compare the lid to a Tupperware lid- it snaps shut. Be sure to also put the white mixing palette in for a good tight seal. I thought maybe the palette would get tons of paint on it when I closed the lid, but actually that has somehow never happened. It’s a feat of engineering for sure.Compared to other sets of this goache on Amazon I picked this one specifically for the white mixing palette. I’d rather mix exclusively on white or grey. And the mint green case is really cute, with a beautiful velvet texture on the box that makes me excited to use it every time.I also included a few pictures of a painting I made with this set. I was frustrated to not know how this set looks close up from other reviews, so I hope this helps. One picture is of a light table with the paint, then the others are close ups to get an idea of the thickness and surface texture, and finally a scan.It’s really important to me that a paint dries flat enough to be scanned well. So I’ve also included a scan of a painting with these pictures so you can get a good idea of how it looks. I’m a perfectionist and I’m happy with it. I recommend that you use hot press watercolor paper or Bristol with this paint.I hope this helps anyone considering this set. I’m psyched to keep using it for my work.

  4. GlennGlenn

    After seeing reviews of these all over YouTube, I decided to get one as well to experiment during quarantine times. I usually use watercolors and wanted to try something similar but a bit more opaque so gouache seemed like a good option. I organized the main points so it’ll be easier to read-CUSTOMER SERVICE: I originally ordered one about a week ago, but was very disappointed to find that the brushes were completely missing and one of the paint cups was partially opened up (the swatch sheet was also missing but that wouldn’t have really been much of an issue regardless). Luckily, just a day after ordering a replacement, the new set arrived with all of the missing components and no open paint. I’m haven’t even had a chance to return the original set yet, but am very happy with the quick response.PRODUCT REVIEW:The color of the actual case is exactly what I expected and it’s nice that the brush handles match. The whole thing is actually a bit heavier than I expected so I wouldn’t recommend it as a travel set, but the large amount of paint is very helpful for beginner experimentation. Unfortunately, the lid doesn’t close all the way, no matter what angle I try to force it down, and even without the palette, so air will get in and dry the paints. I haven’t tested the paints or the brushes yet but they seem good and the only bad thing I can think of about the brushes is that they’ll stain easily.Anyway, everything is pretty good overall and I like the fast customer service. 🙂

  5. Barnnies

    In my 60+ years of painting I have use hundreds of different paints. Like a lot of people I found these mostly on you tube and decided why not. Box is heavy, and each department really contains a lot of paint. I know when I start a new brand of paint there is always a learning curve as not all paints are the same. I have 2 other sets of gouache and as expected they reacted differently. They were easy to get used to and now are my go to for gouache. As I tend to leave a painting to do other stuff and sometimes return the next day and found I left the lid off the box. The paints start drying from the edges in. I found little water on the dry paint and they spring back to life. I gave 5 stars a I didn’t have anything bad to say about them.

  6. BrookeJBrookeJ

    Great paint and good value. I really didn’t have any expectations for this. The colors are vibrant they dry pretty true to color. You do need to mix a little or add a touch of water at first in the palette. I love how heavy the case is and the compartment for brushes and a palette. The brushes that came with it are usable, that’s what I used for the quick swatch photo attached. Impressed. I’m worried if the paints will dry out in the case but we will see.

  7. Kimmy MKimmy M

    These are amazing for beginners and the cleanup almost doesn’t exist which is why it’s so hard for me to move on to better pro expert quality gouache lol. I mean these really are great! All I have to do is seal it back up and I’m done. If you’re a beginner, these are the ones you want.

  8. KaylaKayla

    Was a little hesitant working with a new medium but was pleasantly surprised. Love this set and is definitely worth the money.

  9. Susan

    I have never tried professional gouache, so I don’t have much to compare this product to. While the paint quality of this palette probably is much more student than artist grade, it’s pretty good. And definitely for the money, it’s REALLY pretty good. There’s a good color selection, and the paint itself IS mostly opaque unless you really thin it down. I cannot speak to how long-lasting or colorfast this product is, but I would say you should adjust your expectations to the price point accordingly. This palette would be GREAT for beginners at gouache, which is what I am.The jelly cup concept is one I’m unfamiliar with, but it does seem to work pretty well. You HAVE to open all the containers at once, though, if you’re actually going to paint, because it makes a real mess otherwise and is logistically very difficult. Keeping colors sealed for later use also won’t work unless you remove them from the palette. The palette itself is somewhat bigger and heavier than I expected, but I like it. The lid DOESNT seal all the way, so it’s not airtight, but I also haven’t tried removing the included mixing palette inside, either. I’ve left the palette in and the lid on, and so far the paint seems to be fine. I did try inserting a damp paper towel over the open jelly cups to keep them moister, but it didn’t seem to help and it made the palette even more difficult to seal closed. The lack of an airtight seal is actually my only criticism of this product!!The gouache is an absolute joy to use right after opening – the texture is creamy, thick and smooth. I hope it stays more or less this way!!!! In my opinion, this is a great product, especially for the price.

  10. Monique hernandez

    So ive been painting for 20 years and usually i would use acrylics but theyre harmful and full of chemicals.. these gouache paints are a bit challenging but super fun to use once you get a hang of them and not to mention CHEAP compared to acrylics and oil paints. Ive painted countless pictures in the past year and i havent even came close to making a dent in my set. It also gives a different natural rough effect to your art compared to solid acrylic paints. A bit challenging but worth the price and time

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