GenCrafts Watercolor Paint Palette with Bonus Paper Pad Includes 48 Premium Colors – 2 Refillable Water Blending Brush Pens – No Mess Storage Case – 15 Sheets of Water Color Paper – Portable Painting

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About this item 48 VIBRANT COLORS: Our PREMIUM watercolor paint is carefully crafted with long lasting rich pigments and is perfect for smooth color mixing & blending REAL BRUSH TIP: Water pens have flexible nylon paint brush tips allow for broad and fine strokes on watercolor papers or canvases AMAZING VALUE: Comes with a Bonus Paper Pad (15 Sheets) and 2 Refillable Water Blending Brush Pens PORTABLE: No leaks, no hassle, no mess; Easy art on the go with a convenient storage case and is suitable for professionals and beginners SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Any concerns with your product? Contact us directly and receive a response within 24 hours

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10 reviews for GenCrafts Watercolor Paint Palette with Bonus Paper Pad Includes 48 Premium Colors – 2 Refillable Water Blending Brush Pens – No Mess Storage Case – 15 Sheets of Water Color Paper – Portable Painting

  1. Debra R. Moll

    This set of paints is awesome. Lots of colors and each is loaded with great pigmentation. They move and blend well. For a beginning watercolor artist it is an exceptional deal of for everyday practice. The included watercolor paper is not good quality, but okay for practice and doodling. I wouldwill purchase these paints again.

  2. KiaKia

    I can’t say enough good things about this product. I have a full, permanent watercolor set up at home, but this set has surpassed that one and become my favorite. My only complaint is that the valve that prevents reuptake into the pen well is a little finicky, but I think that’s due to my mishandling and not the product itself. The paints are high quality, the paper stock that comes with is decent. My partner accidentally stepped on my case and it didn’t even crack. Fits perfectly in my small backpack.

  3. Zoink

    This is a great beginner set. It contains everything you need to try watercolor painting – paints, mixing palette, brushes and paper.The style of this set is very convenient, it’s set up like a travel set with small individual pans. This is much easier than liquid watercolor tubes and cuts down on wasted paint. It also allows you to have loads of colors and have it still be portable.The quality of the paints are pretty good. They are pigmented. I don’t think they are artists quality though. But you won’t care unless you are an actual artist and in any case it’s a good starter set.

  4. Kara StearnsKara Stearns

    I have very little to say when it comes to complaints. I have gone through so many pan pallettes and disliked pretty much every one of them, but this one! I was floored by these colors and the creaminess of them. I loved this palette! It has the most amazing colors. The quality is amazing. The paint was creamy and pigmented and easy to work with! The paper it came with isnt bad either. It’s not arches but its definitely something I can work with. I am so glad I bought this paint! The only complaint I have is my pallette was slightly dirty. It had fuzzies and dust in the paint and on the top portion in the wells. This made me immediately concerned, thinking this was going to be another bust but d***, I dont care about that anymore. The quality of the colors and paint in general is just amazing!

  5. Susan H.

    The colors work very well and do go a long way. I have yet to find little pans that could replace the colors. I know I will run out of white and black first and I don’t think there is a way currently to replace just the little pan. The brushes aren’t great but they will do the job. The paper it comes with is not great either. It does not hold up to water very well. I tape the paper to my table when I paint and when I take the tape off, it tears the paper a bit. It doesn’t mess up my work but feathers the edges. I have not had this happen to other watercolor paper and the same tape. I would use the paper provided as practice paper.

  6. steadyreader

    My water color skills are lacking, however, using these watercolors with the aqua painter, which is included with the set, makes me feel like an artist. I watched a YouTube video and then tried my hand. Whoa! The aqua painter controls the flow of water, the colors blend well, and are so very pretty. The color is very forgiving, so if you apply too much, add a little more water and dab with a paper towel. I also find it helpful to apply the paint first to an acrylic block or sheet of plastic, spray it with water, and then pick up the color with the aqua painter. I turned out some really nice pieces for my cards. Also included in the kit is water color paper. It works well but I also paint on regular cardstock. Both work well. This water coloring kit is going to last for a very long time. Very happy with it.

  7. Amazon Customer

    I thought these paints were a little chalky looking when I opened them, but when I spritzed them with water they were lovely to work with. They blend beautifully, and are quite pigmented. The two brushes with the set are probably the best of this type of brush (water barrel type). The paint set came with a watercolor pad, which was ok. I would definitely repurchase these paints.

  8. Randi GriggsRandi Griggs

    I love these paints I’ve only swatched a few so far but they are thick and creamy and vibrant! I tried straight from the pallet and watered down, both beautiful, I did not receive the two water brush pens that were advertised but I think the pallet and paper were worth the price. The paper isn’t as high quality as my arteza watercolor sketch book but still nice if you like highly textured paper. Great colors and nice little sketch pad for a decent price!

  9. Melissa HodgesMelissa Hodges

    I am new to watercolors. I am mainly a crafter, like cards and scrapbooks. I think these paints are great, very pigmented, super easy to wet, dry so pretty! The pans are small but a tiny bit of paint does go a long way. I was able to color in a stamped image pretty easily. The only reason I gave travel a lower rating is Because the latch doesn’t stay closed. Not a big deal but definitely don’t put it upside down, pods will pop out.The water color paper is okay, I like the Greyish tinge to it. The water brushes aren’t my favorite but I am new to this type of painting. Overall good price for the many colors you get.

  10. Deb RobbinsDeb Robbins

    I’m very pleased with this set of paints. I’ll say first that I’m not a professional artist, and these are not artist grade paints. That’s just fine with me. I paint for fun, but I do want paints that are better than the Crayola level. I’m glad I found these.I love the detachable pallet and the removable trays. The trays of six paints each can be rearranged, as can the individual half-pans. The water pens are a nice bonus too. The pad of watercolor paper is okay if you don’t expect much from it. It’s a lightweight paper, 220gsm, and doesn’t hold much water. The photo shows how the paper buckled even though I taped it down. The lighter colors looked fine on this paper, but the darker colors were very grainy. I thought that might be the paper rather than the paint, so I used Strathmore 140lb paper – the photo of the stripes – and tried a random sampling of some darker colors. Much better, as you can see. All dark colors granulate, but it’s minimal in these paints. Light and dark, all the colors are wonderful.As for the pad of paper, I’ll use it for stamps and stencils with inks. And it’ll probably be okay with the paints as long as a minimum of water is used. The paper is a bonus item anyway – the paints are the important part.The colors are all lovely, and it’s fun to have such a nice selection to play with. I especially like the variety in the blues and greens. I like mixing paints, but it’s nice to have a big bunch of colors ready to use, too. I’m going to enjoy using this set a lot.

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