Artsy Watercolor Paint Set – 42 Assorted Colors with 3 Brushes – Perfect Foldable Watercolor Field Sketch Set for Outdoor Painting –Travel Pocket Watercolor Kit Arts, Crafts & Sewing

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About this item 42 ASSORTED VIBRANT COLORS: Superior choice of bright, vivid and striking pigments that blend seamlessly with each other. The lightfast pigments are from Italy, quick to dry, resistant to fading and discoloration from direct sunlight. They are great for urban, field, outdoor sketching without fading. PORTABLE TRAVEL WATERCOLOR SET: The set includes 42 colors watercolor paints, 3 water brushes, a palette and a sponge. They are stored well in a plastic carrying bag, will satisfy all your requirements for travel and field sketch painting. QUALITY WATERCOLOR BRUSHES: Highly durable brushes, 2 round tip brushes and 1 flat tip brush, easy to squeeze barrel for maximum control of water flow. From the smallest details to the largest coat applications, every stroke will come to life. Hassle-free painting for home, work, school, and travel. NEW DESIGN: Space saving foldable watercolor paint set hold is easy for pigment display and collapses for easy storage. There are color charts at the bottom of each layer, easier for you choosing colors. The sleek and compact design make it slip easily into your jacket pocket, travel bag, and backpack. 100% SATISFACTION SERVICE: Made from quality pigments and designed for artists, art hobbyists, and students. Safe, non-toxic, conforms to safety certificates: U.S. ASTM D-4236 & EU EN71. 100% money-back if you’re not completely satisfied.

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10 reviews for Artsy Watercolor Paint Set – 42 Assorted Colors with 3 Brushes – Perfect Foldable Watercolor Field Sketch Set for Outdoor Painting –Travel Pocket Watercolor Kit Arts, Crafts & Sewing

  1. hehoustonhehouston

    I wasn’t expecting much for $15 (the price when I received them). However, these are some pretty cool paints. They spread and lift well. I made the cover and first page of this diy sketchbook with them. They are rich, and a little goes pretty far. I plan on getting more for my little guy to go with his new sketchbook. The brushes work well for detail work and blending hard edges. The last two numbers (on my set) are labeled 42 and 43, but that’s an easy fix. My suggestion would be to make a swatch page before using them on a project for reference. The little printed swatches aren’t accurate as with any paints. I did several play pages and such without a noticeable difference in missing paints. So, these should last a good while. Plus, they are fun.

  2. Micah Ferrell

    This is an amazing product! Love the incredibly vibrant colors and how portable the entire thing is. There is just one thing to keep in mind.I’ve seen some other reviews complaining about this item dripping when traveling after being used or the colors smearing when you close it. This product is not meant to be used like a standard water color palette.The kit is meant for you to use the pallet to put a small amount of paint on and then use water to lighten or mix the colors however you would like. The paint swatches themselves aren’t designed to get super wet.Use simply a small amount of water on the brush *if the brush is dripping wet it’s too wet* then use the small amount of water on your brush to lift up some paint. Wipe the paint that you’ve lifted up on to either the travel pallet provided or on a separate pallet. Then add some more water too dilute the color to your desired saturation. Repeat this process until you have the right amount as well as color that you were looking for.

  3. Christine

    So I bought this for my best friend for her birthday and she ABSOLUTELY LOVES it. She couldn’t stop mentioning it for almost 2 whole months how amazing it is. I’m not a painter or artist in any sense but her happiness and constant use of it spoke volumes in how great it is.We even went to the beach this summer and she whipped it out and was painting her heart out. The only thing she got upset about was when someone walked by and kicked sand into it by accident. So if you’re like her and wanna take it to the beach, make sure you have one of those tent things so that the risk of sand getting lodged in your watercolors is minimised.Otherwise, if you like to paint and painting on the go excites you and sounds unrealistic, get this. Make the unrealistic, realistic, and I hope you enjoy it as much as my best friend has been!!

  4. Nate & ElizaNate & Eliza

    Update: I still love these paints. I paid $13.99 a year ago, but with covid they’re up to $30. Although I think they’re great and I’d certainly buy them again for travel, at this price I’d invest in a higher quality paint for home. I’m attaching two pictures I did with the set (following an online tutorial from a guy named Shiba on YouTube. Original post: These painters are very pigmented and perfect for travel. I took these on a trip to the Grand canyon so I could have something to do while my husband photographed the scenery. The paints were perfect for having something lightweight and portable. There are also a lot of orange tones, so that helped. The color chart at the bottom is very helpful because sometimes the paint pieces don’t look like you expect (e.g., the purple looks very dark when on the pallet but paints the color on the chart at the bottom of the tab). I’d buy it again in a heartbeat. I’d definitely get as many colors as possible (I recall there were options that had less colors).

  5. Sherry CammerSherry Cammer

    This was my first time using watercolors. These were recommended to me by a friend. First of all the packaging is just absolutely the best. Great for travel. And they come with water fill paint brushes. I just had a great time experimenting with this set. The colors blended nicely. And its a tiny travel set but contains so many colors. I plan to share this and have some fun painting with my grandson. I’ve attached a picture of my first attempt with watercolors. I’m pretty proud of myself. I really recommend this cute travel set for home or travel. Your family will have many hours of fun and what a great way to expand your artistic side.

  6. MaddyMaddy

    I found the set very easy to handle. All the colors, as well as a small mixing tray, are easily accessible. Although I used this set in my home, I could certainly see the advantages of using it in an outdoor setting. It truly takes up very little space and the carrying case even provides room for all three water brushes. All I would need to take along besides my canvas or art pad would be a few paper towels.The colors in this set are beautiful. Very rich and vibrant. Yet they can be diluted to very soft and pale washes. I was very pleased with both these aspects.I found this little set to be a wonderful and innovative way to be able to take my art out of doors for the day. Thank you, Artsy, for introducing me to this product.I also added a picture which I did using the Artsy Watercolor Paint Set.

  7. Jessica

    These paints are absolutely beautiful. The pigment in these is almost shocking. You don’t need much for intense color. The brushes work great too. I was a little hesitant about buying these, but I wanted something to paint with since I’m not an artist. These are really great. The palette is easy to use and you don’t really have to worry about drying. They don’t warp, the yellow has cracked even though I don’t use it much. My major issue is the list price is now around $30, but I paid a little over $16. Honestly, it’s such good quality I probably wouldn’t be angry paying more. It’s still bothers me that it’s nearly doubled in price. It was never $34.96.

  8. Daniel

    There are a number of different versions of these portable watercolor kits out there and I did some research into the brand that the artists whose work I enjoy were using and this is the one that came up.The colors are quite nice and flow from brush to paper quite well. You definitely want to use the color chart at the bottom of each page of colors because many of the colors just look dark in their pan.The set comes with three water pen brushes. I’ve used all three, preferring the fine point brush for most of my work (I work small). However, these aren’t my favorite brushes. I used them because they travel well in the packaging, but I do prefer my other brand of water brush pens if I’m working at home. This is great for traveling and using in a watercolor sketch book.There is a nice sponge at the top that is attached by velcro, so easy to remove to keep clean.

  9. CFreyCFrey

    I purchased this set of watercolors to use for lettering so I don’t have such a mess to clean up like I do with my liquid watercolors.It’s very pigmented paint and doesn’t dry chalky like some other pan palette watercolors. I don’t take art supplies when I travel but I really appreciate the compact size of this set for storage purposes.It comes with a large assortment of colors, three waterbrushes (detail, flat, and round), a removable sponge, a waterbrush holder, and… my aunt pointed out to me after she purchased one also… a palette for mixing paints at the very bottom.The only improvement that could be made would be to add more pink tones but I’m keeping the review at 5 stars because I got around that by mixing the white with some of the reds.These are good quality pan watercolors and I’ve recommended them to my artist friends.

  10. Linda M. AdamsLinda M. Adams

    I enjoy sketching and painting outdoors and while traveling. Paper and pencil is easy to take but paint can be a problem. I was searching for a travel size set of watercolors when I came across this set from Artsy. I love it! This little set, approximately 3 by 8 contains way more art supplies than I could hope for in a travel set. 42 pans of beautiful, good quality colors. Forty-two! There is a color chart at the end of each tray showing the colors. The set contains 3 different size water brushes, (I love water brushes). A mixing palette. A reusable brush cleaning sponge and a plastic pouch to keep it all together. My set arrived on a rainy day but I was itching to try out the brushes and colors on this cherry greeting card. Now I’m searching for a mini, spiral bound, watercolor journal to go with it.

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