AEM Watercolor Paint Set – Includes 24 Colors (12mL Each), Brushes & Paper – Paint on Paper, Wood, Fabric, Ceramics & More – Great Starter Kit for Kids & Adults, Also Suitable for Professional Artists Arts, Crafts & Sewing

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What is included: This kit includes 24 tubes of watercolor paint, 3 brushes, 20 sheets of paper suitable for all water-based mediums, and a plastic palette – all in a sturdy carrying box that’s a handy size for traveling Highest quality: Our pigment powders and other art supplies are made from premium ingredients and produced according to exacting specifications, so you can create with confidence Art for any occasion: Our complete kit is ideal for numerous applications. Fine art projects, DIY crafts, student murals, décor for Halloween and other holidays, or simple creative experimentation Safe for the environment: AEM Hi Arts watercolors are 100% safe to use. They’re non-toxic, odorless and easy to clean up. Use ordinary soap and water to reset your area after painting. Do not ingest Money-back guarantee: Our paint sets are non-toxic and made with the highest-quality materials. We’re proud to offer our customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee
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10 reviews for AEM Watercolor Paint Set – Includes 24 Colors (12mL Each), Brushes & Paper – Paint on Paper, Wood, Fabric, Ceramics & More – Great Starter Kit for Kids & Adults, Also Suitable for Professional Artists Arts, Crafts & Sewing

  1. Kindle Customer

    So I am shocked by how good of a kit this is. I bought this for my little sisters 8th birthday. She loves using my watercolors but since I’m not exactly excited about letting her use my high-end sable brushes and my Windsor and Newton tubes since she doesn’t know how to not try and use it almost like acrylic in amount. So I figured getting her a kit of her own would be great.PAINTThe paint quality in these tubes is almost on par with the big brands with only the vermillon red being a bit meh since it is really just more of a pink no matter how much you add but that’s an issue with a lot of reds. The paint is a little more watery than some other brands but that only really effects the fact that if you squeeze too hard when you break the seal you will get quite a bit running out so just be careful. I’d consider using this kit over the pack of W&N I usually buy because it’s a better price point and similar quality.BRUSHESThe brushes are not cheap synthetic garbage and do a great job. I didn’t get a chance to try the paper since I let her use some Reeves that I had but I imagine that no one is buying this for 20 sheets of paper. When I used the brushes on regular watercolor paper they have a good degree of absorbency which is a must for watercolor painting. I’d still say higher end brushes are good for professional work with the most exacting details but if you prefer bold strokes or are just a hobbyist then these work just fine.For the price, this kit is a steal.

  2. Lei Momi

    I create a lot of digital art so I am used to painting with a mouse these days. I haven’t picked up an actual paint brush in years. I was an oil color artist and never felt very comfortable with watercolors, however these paints are of such high quality that I found it easy to lay down large washes or intricate detail. The colors are true and vibrant. The kit comes with a nice supply of paper. I wish it was heavier, but it is great for casual art work or for testing how colors will look on paper or react to water or other colors. The brushes seem to be great quality as well. I tested out several colors and was pretty hard on the brushes just to see if they would shed and they did not. Not a single time. This is an amazing kit for the price. Something similar at a local store near me is about double the price. I am already a fan of this brand and company and will purchase more art supplies from them. This would make a great gift for an artist of any age.

  3. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    We wanted to get a gift for our daughter that allowed her to explore her creative side. We think that painting is a great method to do this. We had no idea how easy it was since everything you need is included in this kit. No other kits sold on Amazon had everything you need in one set. We were pleased with the quality of all the items, not just the paints and we’re planning to give this as gifts to all the friends of ours who have young daughters and sons who could use a walk on the creative side. A great gift for our daughter, and an awesome gift for the creatives in our life.

  4. Angie

    I love to collect art and have explored art of my own and of others for much of my life. As a mature artist (I’m too humble to call myself a professional 🙂 ), I know quality paints. I was not expecting this great of quality for just $20. It’s not only the paints that I was pleased with, really pigment rich, the paper is solid, the paint brushes are decent quality for a set, and it was nice that it came with the palette too. This set is such a great value, I bought three more of them for some friends who are artists and art collectors. They will think I spent a fortune. Let’s keep this between us.- Todd Walker Denver, Colorado

  5. Grant

    My wife and I purchased this paint set as we had to develop our repertoire of indoor “social distancing” hobbies, and we’re SO pleased that we did! It arrived really quickly, just like we needed. It’s a particularly good set for beginners (both of us are), since the one box contains everything that you need to get started with painting immediately! Here are some highlights:*THE PAINTS: We’re new enough to the world of watercolor painting that we were a little surprised to see the paints packaged within plastic tubes, rather than the dried pads from the elementary school paint kits that we grew up with. But they ended up being pretty intuitive, and easy to mix with water to get the exact color we were looking for. And the variety is awesome! The set includes 24 vibrant colors.*The BRUSHES: Paintbrushes were a must for us, since we didn’t want to buy the paints from one place and the brushes from another. The brushes that came with this set are both delicate (in the artistic sense–you can paint as finely as you’d like to) and durable.*The PALETTE: We didn’t give the palette too much thought when we ordered it, but have come to really appreciate having it around while painting! It’s nice to not use various plates & tupperwares while painting, but to instead have all of the colors neatly sectioned off from one another.*The PAPER: The paper is high quality and the paint doesn’t bleed through (you can even paint twice on each sheet, once one side has dried), but it quickly became clear that we would need to order more to sustain a longer-term painting hobby. I wish the paint set came with a larger pad, but I guess it can’t have everything!All in all, we’re really happy with this set and would recommend it to any beginners looking to settle into a watercoloring hobby. Happy painting!

  6. Kari DavisKari Davis

    After a bad divorce 6 years ago where my ex destroyed $1500 of brushes and high end watercolors I gave up art… until my mom asked me to do a repaint of a picture I made her in 2nd grade. I scrolled and critiqued and found this kit.. and it was worth it! The pigment is amazing and if your a watercolor artist with experience the colors blend very well with a little work. I’m very pleased, plus it’s easy to store. I’m very excited to do a large scale of the attached picture for her, 20 years after the original.

  7. Appliance QueenAppliance Queen

    First watercolor paint I bought when I decided to start getting crafty again.It had everything I needed to experiment. Decent selection of paints, 3 brushes, a plastic pallet, and even a small pad of paper.My first ever attempt was the free hand galaxy. Then I realized I needed to work on my tree art. Paints are very blendable, not too chalky, and a nice starter set. I’d recommend it if you want to try watercolor paints without a big investment.

  8. Color and Canvas in AlbuquerqueColor and Canvas in Albuquerque

    I am very pleased in the fast shipping and the quality and quantity received in this kit. bright color quality! I recommend this watercolor kit 100000%! If that’s even possible. Shipped fast and I painted the pictures you see here with the paint! Thank you, AEM Hi Arts!

  9. The Joy is in the Journey

    I love this little starter set! I’m an adult painter just starting to dabble in watercolors and wanted the basics without a major investment. This set fit the bill. I did find the paper to be too small for my preference, though it will be fine for watercolor scrap. After my first tiny painting I splurged on a nice $10 pad of larger, heavier paper. I’d assumed I’d eventually want to upgrade the pallet, thinking I’d need more wells or more mixing space, but so far it’s actually worked out fine. The 6 wells give me space for my primary colors and I’ve yet to find that I’m running out of mixing space. I’m no expert, but the paints themselves seem fine and the included brushes were enough to get me started, along with the few that I already had. I paid $14 and find it money well spent!

  10. A. Vauts

    Great colors, great set, high quality! I diluted them in eyedropper bottles for an art project. The paints dissolved quickly in water & were vibrant. Highly recommend!

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